Ladies Concealed Carry – Mandy Bachman Talks Options

Troublesome as it can occasionally be for any of us to carry concealed, it’s typically more difficult for the ladies — fortunately, Propper ambassador Mandy Bachman recently suggested some options.

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Concealed Carry Options for Women

Mandy Bachman

Mandy’s advice to the ladies begins with some suggestions about choosing a gun, the choice of holster (addressing on/off body concerns),  and mindset. She talks about belly bands, UnderTech, Alexo Athletica and other brands that might be worth considering.

Belly bands are also convenient when you are wearing clothing that doesn’t allow for a belted holster, such as workout clothes. Again, keep in mind the fabric your band is made from. Be sure it is thick enough to protect the trigger. Also, keep in mind that sometimes belly bands can get tricky to un-holster and re-holster without sweeping yourself with the muzzle on the gun…

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Another option for women is concealed carry clothing such as UnderTech and Alexo Athletica. As more and more women get interested in carrying, companies are coming out with these type of women’s clothing options. I recently purchased the Signature Pant from Alexo Athletica and have been very pleased with the functionality of the pant. I’m not only able to conceal a gun, but I also have pockets for other items such as my keys and phone…

Read the article in its entirety on Propper’s blog.

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