Gun Bunny Blues

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Gun Bunny Blues

Genuine Issue or Unnecessary Outrage? 

Mad Duo

Yesterday we published an installment of our Language Lessons column; it defined the term Gun Bunnies — today we’ll give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

At one time or the other, and sometimes constantly, all of the following women have been described as (or accused of being) gun bunnies. It’s easy to see how they might earn that appellation – there’s nary an abnormous gammerstang among ’em. Here are a couple questions though.

Try not to cringe too much at the comments made by their fans.

US Elite Gear

US Elite Gear

Some of ’em are realists, or have a sense of humor about it, or both.

Some of the women pictured clearly go to the range to more than pose; likely more than many of the people reading this. Some of them compete, others can not only shoot, they can shoot pretty well. So…if they do know their way around a gun and can shoot, are they still gun bunnies? Or is the gun bunny moniker earned by wearing tight stuff, displaying lots of cleavage and displaying the jiggly bits regardless of shooting proficiency?

Is it degrading to women or is “empowering”, as this Independent Journal Review article proclaims? Does it marginalize professional female shooters, or are we talking about two different things, i.e is it more akin to the relationship between professional basketball teams and the Harlem Globetrotters, or, in a different fashion, MMA and the WWE?

The fact is, sex sells, capitalism works, and gun guy goggles will always be exploited by savvy marketers. That doesn’t make it right in every case, but it does pretty much guarantee T&A isn’t going away. Not in any industry. Nor do we think it should

We’ve been known to use shapely, sexy models in tight clothes to sell our stuff — and we’re not ashamed of it! 

You know you’d hit it, don’t lie.

So, the Gun Bunny Blues — are we making too much out of it because it’s the outrage du jour, or does it deserve intelligent discourse?

We’re mostly a “You do your thing and we’ll do ours,” kind of publication, but obviously not everyone agrees with us, so let’s discuss it.

What do you think? (Cogent, civil discourse only, please.)

Oh, and this has nothing to do with this article, but don’t forget we have a store at www.MadDuo.com. We’re not shamelessly exploiting this post for own, unabashed, capitalistic ends at all.


Sound off in the comments below.

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Mad Duo

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  1. I know it’s not on topic, but that’s a hell of an interesting little bike! Can’t be more than 125cc or so, but it’s mobility!