MOAG Continues

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The Mother of All Giveaways Continues

If you’ve been watching our social media, you know that Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision have partnered up with Soldier Systems to put on what they’re calling the “Mother of All Giveaways.”

It’s an apt fucking description.

MOAG continues today with Day 3 prizes: two boxes of Grey Ghost Precision Match Grade 300BLK Ammo and a GG backpack. The type of backpack is random. The ammo is all 225gr HPBT Subsonic match grade, twenty round boxes.

But what is MOAG you ask?

Glad you asked.

 MOAG is a two week contest with over $50k worth of prizes to be given away. Note: that’s fifty thousand dollars, not fifty. Among the prizes are 100 boxes of Grey Ghost Precision Match Grade Ammo, some Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist Plate Carriers, two pistols, three rifles, aftermarket parts and accessories, slings, and all kinds of GGSD goodness.

Here’s how they described it:

“The 5 Grand Prizes that will be given away on the last days of the event, two pistols and three rifles, each custom Cerakoted and outfitted with aftermarket parts and furniture to be true one-of-a-kind builds, are guaranteed to make any gun owner smile from ear to ear. The 1st Grand Prize is a Limited Edition .300 Blackout Rifle, complete with an SSD custom paint job, numerous Magpul upgrades, Grey Ghost Gear sling and case, and a stack of match grade ammo to complete the package. The 2nd and 3rd Grand Prize Packages are also unique rifles, Cerakote finished with different Grey Ghost Precision motifs.” 

The contest/giveaway began on Monday, and they’re announcing new prizes every day. All the prizes are good, but there’s some really badass stuff coming (that’s what she said).

Applicants enter by visiting and opting-in to the Giveaway Email List. There will be a pop-up form, as well as a pinned post on the homepage. Opt-in points will also be on and After opting-in through any of the three sites, applicants must then verify their entry via the confirmation email they receive.

If you’d like, you can go read the original Grey Ghost Gear/Soldier Systems Daily Mother of All Giveaways announcement online.

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