An Army Officer’s Guide to Public Speaking

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An Army Officer’s Guide to Public Speaking

News Desk, via The Angry Staff Officer (angrystaffofficer.com)

Few people enjoy public speaking, but it’s part of virtually any Army officer’s job description. Angry Staff Officer put together a guide that outlines the necessary elements of successful public speaking. His list of important considerations include Preparation, Rehearsal, Own It, Be Funny, and Don’t Be Too Funny.

Check it out.

…public speaking is an incredibly important part of our jobs. We’re often in front of large groups of people and so we need to develop the confidence necessary to be an excellent speaker. Your Soldiers expect it of you and if you can execute a top-notch brief, it can make you stand out among your peers.”

Army Officer Public Speaking

“Remember, you are taking their time. Make it valuable. And make it something that they can come away from going, “Huh, I actually learned something” versus the usual “I’m going to go eat glass now, because that will be less painful than what I just sat through.”

Read all of The Angry Staff Officer’s public speaking guide here on the Angry Staff Officer website.

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Breach Bang Clear is the warrior scholar's choice for commentary and analysis of national and international events, gun news, tactical industry news, and of course gear reviews.
The warrior scholar’s choice for analysis of national and international events, gun news, updates from the tactical community, and gear reviews.
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